Welcome to Sam's Wishlist.

Last Updated: February 3, 2006

    Things I Want

  • Electronics
    • Additional A/C Power cord for PDA (Dell Part #: 310-6931)
    • Auto Power Adapter for Dell Axim Handhelds (Dell Part #: 310-5767)
    • A GPS system that works with the PDA (probably out of most folks priceranges though)
  • Books
    • Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step (ISDN: 0-73562131-4)
    • Not terribly particular, just like to read
  • Tools
    • Can always use drill bits
    • Saw a Riobi laser level, extra hand, etc. kit at HomeDepot that looked useful
    • Dremel Stuff (not sure what model I have)
      • Drill Press kit for my Drimal (seen at Home Depot)
      • Router kit for my Drimal (seen at Home Depot)
  • Household
    • We've got silver listed on Alicia's wishlist, I'm eligable too
  • Other
    • An extra 30 minutes per day